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Here in The Trupe household, we are just doing life the best way we know how. We are living as frugally as possible and getting away from main stream culture. Keep reading to find out more!

I am Ma Trupe. My husband (Pa Trupe) and I have three kids (A Trupe, G Trupe, and P Trupe). We have been examining our lives for years now and have decided to take real steps towards becoming a self-sufficient, counter-culture household. Not really homesteaders, but also not a part of the mainstream either. We are looking for a happy medium between the two. We enjoy watching some television shows, playing video games, and spending time on social media. However, we don’t want to subscribe to the mainstream ideas of consumerism and materialism that have engulfed our society and lead to a poverty crisis and more debt per household than ever.

Raising three kids in a world full of consumerism and materialism is not what I would I call an ideal situation. If I’m being honest though, I didn’t even realize that I was a huge contributor to this culture until recently. I’ve been a “spender” most of my life. And I love collecting the latest new tech gadget or kitchen tool. The problem this has created in my life is three-fold: first, I have a lot of stuff, clutter, and waste; second, I created a lot of debt and burden for my family; finally, I created a habit of dealing with my emotions by spending money.

You may be asking, “So what, Ma Trupe? Why is this a problem?”

Personally, there are several reason this is a problem for me:

  • Because my house is chaotic and disorganized and stuffed full. Recently, I’ve been learning that your environment is a reflection of your life. If the house is cluttered and chaotic, your life will feel that way as well.
  • Because debt is a huge burden. It’s a burden on me and my husband, it’s a burden on our kids. It restricts us and holds us back from living life the way we want to live: Free.
  • Because my habits will be repeated by my children. I want them to live a better life than I have, not the same life. And I want them to be able to deal with their emotions without feeling like they need some material item to do so.

Okay, so The Trupes aren’t there yet. We are still pretty materialistic. We still contribute a lot of waste to the planet. We aren’t self-sufficient.

What we are is a work in progress. A *hard* work in progress. A *LOT* of work is ahead of us.

And that leads me to why I wanted to start this blog:

  • I want to document this process for our kids
  • I want to share about our struggles and, hopefully, help others who wish to do the same things we are moving towards
  • I want to have some public accountability
  • I want to inspire others to move away from the mainstream culture

I’m excited to be starting on our journey. I’m excited that you decided to come along with us. Let’s make the world a better place!


Ma Trupe

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