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Our Apiary is Brass Bee Apiary. We offer nucleus colonies of bees in two ways. Click an option to find out more.


We were inspected in 2020


There are 3 attributes to our bee products: age(overwintered/2019/2020/etc), how many bees(colony), and equipment(hive).


Age (overwintered/2020) refers to the age of the colony, and loosely the age of the queen. A hive with the current year most likely has a brand new queen, and an overwintered colony most likely has a queen that is at least a year old, but they could have re-queened themselves. A re-queened overwintered colony is still the same colony because the genetic line is the same.


Colony (nucleus) typically refers to the amount of bees. We only offer nucleus colonies: 5 frames of comb filled with resources/brood and covered in bees.


Hive (complete/cardboard) typically refers to the equipment(boxes, frames, etc). We make and run all 10 frame medium equipment(6 5/8″), even for the brood nest. We believe the management pro’s outweigh the con’s of standard equipment. Our complete hive consists of 3 mediums with frames, bottom board, inner cover, telescoping outer cover, entrance reducer.


We don’t use foundation, wax or plastic, so there is no need for our frames to support foundation. To get more comb, we insert empty frames into the broodnest to suppress swarming and to encourage new comb production for the queen to lay eggs in. This requires more attentiveness on the part of the beekeeper and a willingness to correct mistakes when they happen, but has an overall positive effect on the bees.

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2020 nucleus colony in complete hive, 2020 nucleus colony


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